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2 legs to 4 – it’s not just us!

When we think about a healthy way of living, I believe most of us think about many aspects such as, a balanced diet, a form of being active, a good work/social life and generally being happy in one’s self.

I’m honestly not here to judge or presume, but, it got me thinking…
Whilst this is all right and true, how many people pass on their same health concerns to their pets?

Given the nature of my thoughts and daily struggles, a healthy diet is absolutely essential to me, with everything I eat being 100% natural, with no added…anything!

If it’s not supposed to be there, it isn’t!

Having always lived on our family farm – and studying Animal Management at the Berkshire College of Agriculture – I’ve always been aware of and understood nutrition.
However, the really ironic fact is, I know all the figures and FACTS, but my muddled way of thinking doesn’t often allow me to accept it.

Anyway, mini slight tangent over…

For those of you who may not know – but, actually, thinking about it you may have guessed but the topic and photo – I have a beautiful pedigree Chihuahua Puppy.

My gorgeous side-kick Lana means absolutely everything to me.

From the day I got her – well, actually before I even did – I’ve always got/given her exactly what she could ever need…toys, blankets, beds (x3), warmth, cuddles and food!

I’ve wanted a Chihuahua for many years, but it wasn’t until fairly close to the time of being lucky enough to have one that I found out about a few health aspects, such as: Their intolerance to dairy products.
The encouragement needed for fluids
The drop in blood sugar levels if over-exhausted (helped with a little Honey)
Their love of sweet potato!

With my own concerns, dietary needs and preferences, I’m very familiar with the nutritional breakdown of products, as well as knowing what ingredients are…even those with a ridiculously long name that disguises what it really is.

That said, with the requirements and restriction of my little’n, I was in my comfort zone.
I wanted to give her the absolute best I could – just like I aim for myself.

Whilst a tiny puppy (although she’s not much bigger now!) her breeder brought her up on ‘Step-Up to Naturals’, both Wet and Dry, an own brand product by Pets at Home.

Although, the composition was great – full of whole-grains, fruits, veggies and meat – Lana, being a fussy little’n (but exactly how it should be!) wasn’t too keen on them…especially the Beef!

The size of the kibble pieces were rather large for her little mouth and teeth too!

This, along with wanting to get her solely onto dry food in the future – as we always have with all our Dogs – I began looking around various different brands that met the requirements and preferences of Lana and myself.

I’m not here to name and shame, so all I’ll say is that…
Although I was fully aware of a few that were not that highly thought of, I was completely surprised and very cautious of the ingredients listed in some of the top brands, that are considered the best for your Pets – and tailored for specific breeds!

Upon returning a few products due to finding out further information, interestingly my concerns were shared with the nutrition staff at Pets at Home.

After trying Lana on Wainwright’s (wet and dry…the pieces were a little smaller!) for a little while, it was very obvious she didn’t fancy these either (typical!) but, in fairness to Lana, they did seem a lot dryer in comparison.
And again, the Beef was rejected for the Fish… gosh, the litte’n has good taste!

This was late October time and just before I was taken into hospital, so I wasn’t able to do much about finding the perfect food for her. My wonderful parents looked after her beautifully, keeping her on Step-Ups and Wainwright’s for the next few months.

At the end of November, I felt I needed to do something for Lana, as I wasn’t there for her.
Even though I know she couldn’t understand, I felt better knowing I’d done so.
With it being her first Christmas, I hunted around everywhere online to find the perfect Doggy Advent Calendar for her, so everyday she could have a little treat from me – even though Mum was the giver!

I was equally surprised and disappointed with the ones I found, with the majority clearly being more for the owner as they represented Chocolate with the inclusion of Carob.
I know this is safe for Dogs, but why? I personally feel it’s not as natural as it should be, or… FOR YOUR PET!

That said, I kept hunting.

Although our other Dog, Elsie, was brought up on James Wellbeloved, I wanted something different for Lana.. and they didn’t make an Advert Calendar

Then, somehow, I had a memory jog…Lily’s Kitchen.


Proper Food For Pets

Their values mirror my own exactly – and not just for Lana, but for myself too!

We believe Pet’s deserve proper food

Lily’s Kitchen creates naturally delicious, wholesome food for cats and dogs because we believe our pets deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients. We all know a balanced, nutritious diet is key to staying in tip-top condition, inside and out.

We’re passionate about pets’ health and happiness. In fact, you could say we’re on a mission to change the way pets eat – away from an overly processed diet made with unrecognisable ingredients, to a natural one full of goodness. You’ll notice a difference…right from the very first meal!

I didn’t even think twice – 1 Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar was winging its way home for Lana to enjoy!! 🙂

Once I discharged in late December, I started Lana on Lily’s Wet Puppy Food, in which she absolutely devoured every flavour – even the Beef, but this was a little slower, so we stuck to Fish, Chicken and Venison!
They even do a Recovery Recipe, which I happily gave her following her being Spayed.

Over the following weeks, I slowly reduced the ratio of wet to dry food, with her happily munching her way through the much better sized (and softer) kibble pieces – which she could never manage with the other brands – so I know she has eaten enough.

She even ignored her wet food in preference for the dry…something she had not done before!

I was (and still am) so delighted that Lana is completely enjoying what she’s eating, which truly makes me feel I’ve done exactly the right thing by her.

Being the quirky little’n she is, she’s able to pick up several pieces of kibble at once – like literally 5-7 pieces – which she carries all the way from my bathroom (where she has her bowls) to my living room, spits them out and proceeds to eat each one with much delight and noise…one by one! She often chucks a few bits around as well and chases them like they are alive…

I’m working on getting a video of this barmy little display, but every time I start, she stops and stares right at me!
It’s a little disconcerting, so I stop too!

A complete little odd-ball – but that’s exactly why I love her!

As of 4 days ago, Lana is now fully on Lily’s ‘Chicken & Salmon Dry Food for Puppies’
I also give her the odd little bit of fresh Vegetable, Chicken, Fish and such, which she really enjoys too – and most importantly, I know is 100% natural and healthy for her.

My Mum often says we are a very well suited pair and I can’t help but think… she may be right! (I meant being slightly wonky and the dietary preferences…not the kibble! :))

These are just my own opinions and views, but, please do take a look at Lily’s Kitchen and do seriously consider switching your pets over to their wonderful products.

I can’t speak more highly of them.

Not only are their values and ingredients reassuring, but their branding is utterly delightful too, all building on the importance of natural, healthy living and wanting the best for body and mind.

Whilst this is of utmost importance to how I choose to live and eat, I just so desperately wish that, on my darkest, hardest days, I could remember the care I’ve put into finding the best nutrition for Lana and maintain it for myself.

I must keep fighting!

Right, I’m off to set up a secret camera…

Until next time!

…and Lana! (lick!)

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