About Me

Whilst my blog started out as a place for my Modelmaking & Miniature work (as well as other creative aspects) my passion and creativity was badly affected as a result of my health. As a resulting, my blog quickly developed into a public diary of sorts, being more about myself, my past and the daily battle I faced with life.

My first few posts that touched on this side of me received so much attention, which truly never was the goal. It was a means to get a little of the noise out of my spinning head.

Whilst my mental and physical health is still a challenge, reflecting on such an incredibly difficult, frightening and life-changing year that was 2018, I realised that I want to take forward my interest – and desire – of using natural products, healthy eating, as well as living with a free mind.

Living on the beautiful Isle of Wight – and with our family run business being a Dairy Goat
Farm – I have the perfect inspiration of all, as nature is all around me.

I hope you’ll join me – and my beautiful Chihuahua, Lana…my little side-kick – on our venture into the vast and wonderful world of natural, healthy, clean living.