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Baby Steps!

My hopes and aims are for Consciously Clean to be about several aspects – from healthy, natural foods, to a happy and settled life and mind. With that in mind, my posts are going to be completely honest – in all ways – as well as informative, helpful and … fun!

I’m sorry this first post has taken a little while from ‘announcing’ my new venture, but, like with most things, I get so enswathed with an idea it’s all I can think about.
Whilst not necessarily a bad thing – as an interest and being keen is key to success – I recognised that with myself, it’s very much my OCD kicking in, resulting in me losing interest incredibly quickly and things falling apart.

That was definitely not going to happen this time!
I’ve got so many plans, ideas and some exciting things already in development.

But, I know that for my own health and happiness I MUST take baby steps…with everything!

I am still struggling with various aspects of my mental illness, but, having experienced the events of 2018 I know it’ll never get that bad again – and I do feel that Consciously Clean and the ethos behind it is going to being my way forward.

Once I was discharged from The Priory, I knew I wanted change!

For many years when I’ve made an appointment for a hair cut, I’ve ‘joked’ that I should just chop it all off.

So! Change? What did I do?
Along with a shopping trip and NEW CLOTHES…


I am absolutely delighted! PLUS, I’m doubly thrilled, as my hair was long enough to donate to the wonderful charity,
The Little Princess Trust.

Although – as I mentioned before – I am still finding many things very difficult, I know and have learnt not to hide things. Bottling things up – especially due to fear of what others may think – is incredibly detrimental.

Speaking out, voicing ones thoughts, ideas, fears, failures, successes…it’s all FINE to do! It allows one to learn and develop…and even help even just one other person too!

Having this recognition, along with my new hair (you know what I mean) and slightly new wardrobe (again, you know what I mean!), all contributes towards the development of me and finding my way to deal with what has gone, what is happening…and what is yet to come.

That said – and with vowing to be completely honest on here – if there is something I write I’ve got a little (or very) wrong, please do let me know as I’m always open and looking to learning new things. 🙂

I don’t mean this in any negative way, as I truly do want this to be an uplifting, enjoyable venture for us all, so, all I ask…please…if you have a difference of opinion, or comment to make, please do still voice it,
we must all accept that there isn’t a right or a wrong with many things.

From Gardening and Meals, to Thoughts and Adventures – this is just the beginning of Consciously Clean!

I’ll be back soon…

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